Fogo Island

Fogo Island Accordion Group with another great Newfoundland tune

Gerald Freake, a teacher at Venture Academy in Fogo Island, formed the Fogo Island Accordion Group in fall of 1991. It started as an after-school project called "Accordion Class".  Mr. Freake recognized 5 great musical talents: Serena Adams, Heather Penton, Jennifer Furlong, Melanie Penton and Angie Penton and that's how the Fogo Island Accordion Group was born.
This tune is from the CD Land and Sea (2011).
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Fogo Island

Introduction to Fogo Island
By Colin Low
16 min 35 s
National Film Board

This film introduces the Fogo Island/Newfoundland Project series which is an experiment in how film can be a catalyst for social change by serving as a direct means of communication. It gives some basic facts about Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and explains why it was chosen for the film project.


The Songs of Chris Cobb
By Colin Low
7 min 41 s