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The Canadian Masterworks anthology features a dozen culturally significant classic recordings based on their critical and popular success, and because they are seminal in their genre. These Masterworks were made by the greatest Canadian artists of the 20th Century. These Canadian masters left an important body of work for us all to enjoy. This retrospective includes excerpts from landmark recordings made by Oscar Peterson, Glenn Gould, Maureen Forrester, Wilfrid Pelletier, Teresa Stratas, Raoul Jobin, etc. Includes bonus material revealing different aspects of the works of these pioneers.


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1. When you and I were young, Maggie (Henry Burr) Musique
2. Ah Fors e lui, Sempre Libera, La Traviata (Eleanor Steberm Wilfrid Pelletier) Musique
3. La fleur que tu m'avais jetée. Carmen, Bizet (Raoul Jobin) Musique
4. Goldberg Variations, no. 25, Bach, (Glenn Gould) Musique
5. Urlicht, Symph. no. 2, Mahler (Maureen Forrester) Musique
6. Lied der Lulu, act. 2, Berg (Teresa Stratas) Musique
7. Pourquoi me réveiller, Werther, Massenet (Raoul Jobin) Musique
8. M'appari tutt' amor, Martha, Flowtow, (Richard Verreau, Wilfrid Pelletier) Musique
9. Goldberg Variations no. 15, Bach, (Glenn Gould) Musique
10. Ca va venir découragez-vous pas (Mary Bolduc) Musique
11. Tam di delam (Gilles Vigneault) Musique
12. The West, a Nest, and You Dear (Martin Kenney and His Western Gentlemen) Musique
13. Swinging Shepherd's Blues (Moe Koffman) Musique
14. In the Wee Wee Small Hours of the Morning ( Oscar Peterson) Musique
15. Lindbergh (Robert Charlebois) Musique
16. Le petit roi (J.P. Ferland) Musique
17. Le blues du businessman (Claude Dubois) Musique
18. La Gaspésienne pure laine (Mary Bolduc) Musique
19. Mon pays (Gilles Vigneault) Musique

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