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L'Anche à Deux Cordes
L'Anche à Deux Cordes


Formed a mere two years ago, l'Anche à deux cordes has been dazzling audiences and garnering praise for its unique blend of reeds and textured chord arrangements. The group is known for its highly eclectic and diversified concert programs which feature the traditional repertoires of yesteryear and their chief Québécois exponents. Added to these characteristic sounds and styles are string arrangements reminiscent of swing era of the nineteen thirties and the playing of French guitarist of gypsy origin, Django Reinhardt. All three musicians also contribute original material of their own crafting in which tradition mingles with unexpected rhythmic and harmonic settings. The result is a display of artful nuances and multiple subtleties.


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1 - Galope à Jean-Louis Musique
2 - Reel du voyageur / Clog double
3 - Rencontre des dames / Le petit salut
/ Gigue du lac
4 - Yolande mon amour
5 - Mooncoin Jig / Fermoy Lasses / High Reel
6 - Clog à Ti-Jules / Quadrille à Ti-Jules / Calédonia
7 - Valse de l'amour tendre et naif
8 - Polka chinoise / Reel de Chicoutimi
9 - Hommage à Marcel Lecours
/ Gigue du petit mousse
10 - Le Rossignol
11 - Cadgers on the Cannongate
/ L'Anges aux yeux bleus
12 - Reel Bernatchez / Reel Saint-Michel
/ Pete's Breakdown / Reel de Richibucto
13 - L'Entrainante
14 - Reel de Louis Boudreault
/ Reel de Louis Beaudoin
15 - Le Réveil des oiseux
16 - Paddy Fahey / Ah! Surely
17 - Belles îles du nord (1309)
18 - Hommage à Jean-Marie Verret / Trois
Anche a deux cordes


Press Review

(translation from French by Camille Brochu)

I’ve listened again to L'Anche à deux cordes and this album just blows me away... Wow! What craftsmanship! What depth of research! Plus, you chose to play some of my all-time favourites (…). In addition, the arrangements (the harmonies in particular come to mind) are sublime. I’m not one to use hollow epithets, but I believe this album is destined to become a landmark in diatonic accordion history, not unlike Philippe Bruneau’s 1973 Philo recording; what is certain, is that from now on you, [Frank,] will be considered a master (or at least a sure value) among your peers. (Marc Bolduc, radio host, Tradosphère, CIBL 101,5, November 23rd, 2005).
I’ve been listening to the album all day today! I must have played it four or five times at least. It’s truly good, pleasant to listen to, at once refined and virtuosic. A true accomplishment. Bravo! (…) I think your trio is this year’s revelation, a real gem. (Yaëlle Azoulay, Research and Development agent, Association québécoise des Loisirs Folkloriques (AQLF), personal communication, 2005).
Of course L’Anche has more than two chords up its sleeve, and the sounds they produce open up a musical realm far more complex than one can grasp upon a first hearing (…). As the group’s CD, simply titled Traditional Music of Quebec, demonstrates, l’Anche à deux cordes draws its inspiration from the lyrical, laid-back «swing» typical of the Québec region; but the group tackles numerous other styles as well (…). While never straying too far away from tradition, the trio nonetheless imparts its own personal touch (…). This group is undeniably one of the most promising of its category. (Yves Bernard, «La Grande Rencontre. L’Anche à deux cordes : le sens de la continuité. L’accordéoniste sherbrookois Frank Sears mérite amplement le prix Dorothée Hogan qui lui sera décerné lors de la Grande Rencontre mercredi prochain». Le Devoir, Montréal, August 18, 2006).

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