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Since 2005, Gala has worked at preserving and sharing important classic and contemporary Canadian recordings on digitally ‘remastered’ media, together with extensive liner notes, essays, discographies and rare graphics.  Every time we begin working on a recording, we seek the best available sound elements, use only good sound engineers and the best equipment. Then we meticulously transfer to digital format to create the most pristine sound possible.  Our releases include high quality original and highly praised supplements: in-depth research, audio commentaries, interviews, testimonials, rare and unreleased material, etc. Whenever possible, we work with artists to make sure our releases remain true to the spirit and integrity of their work. Through our supplements listeners can explore the background and cultural environment of the recordings of the acoustical, electrical and magnetic era.

And best of all, we get to share this passion with you.  

Gala Records has released so far CDs dealing with:

-Post World War II era  Gal-106

-Birth and rise of the recording in Canada  Gal-112

-Canadian masters and their works  Gal-107

-Scottish and Irish folk-lores  Gal-102

-A diva and Latin tinged music  Gal-101

-The great Canadian contralto Maureen Forrester and her unique interpretation Schumann, Mahler and Robert Fleming  Gal-110

-Female vocalists of the golden age of Canadian radio and early television  Gal-109

-Oral poetry and radio language  Gal-111 
-Early progressive Canadian rock  Gal-113

Recorded sounds (music and spoken-word) commercially released or unreleased, from the acoustic, electrical and magnetic eras are part of our mission. 

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